New and Improved

New and ImprovedWhy? Because, as I said, I’m an amateur and had no idea¬† how to find the compromised scripts, and really, no interest in finding them anyway.

I have been very slack and haven’t updated this site in years, so I wasn’t losing much of my own stuff, although I was very sad to lose all the lovely comments from readers who took the time to contact me about my work.So, this time it is all new and squeaky clean. Hopefully I can update more regularly. Please feel free to comment – when no one answers I feel like a jibbering idiot talking to myself in an empty room. Bear with me as I try to work out this new CMS – it’s not for the feint hearted! If I manage to get the comment system working, drop me a comment, or follow me and chat at Twitter. Seriously, please talk to me at Twitter – it’s so boring over there now, no one talks to each other anymore. My entire feed is just people flogging their stuff!Okay, so back to work.

Let me know if you find any bugs lurking in my new digs.

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